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Welcome to Chilli Farms Curry Shop, a family-owned and operated local business by Chef Uma and his son, Dinesh.

We're passionate about curry and delighted to bring our family's authentic Indian dishes to your home. Whether you're craving a quick ready-to-eat meal, a convenient heat-and-eat option, or ingredients to cook yourself, our diverse menu caters to all preferences.

Indulge in a variety of Indian delicacies, including samosas, bhajis, pakoras, papadums, tandoori, tikka, and biryanis. We offer warm, cold, and frozen Indian food options, perfect for any occasion. Our catering services are available for both intimate and large gatherings. Plus, explore our range of home cooking products, including curry sauces, spice mixes, and an assortment of groceries.

We are proud to cater to various special diets, offering Gluten-free, Nut-free, Dairy-free, No-Onion-No-Garlic, Low-Carb, Vegetarian, and Vegan options. All our meats are halal-certified, and our food is free from MSG and preservatives, ensuring a wholesome experience.

Our product range includes Curries, Curry Rice Packs, Samosas, Bhajis, Pakoras, Papadums, Tikka, Tandoori, Breads, Biryanis, and more.

Ready-to-Eat: Enjoy fresh warm meals from our Bain-Marie, Takeaway, Pre-Order Takeaway, and Catering options, featuring curry, rice, biryani, naan bread, samosa, tikka, and more.

Heat and Eat: Convenient choices for those busy days.

Cook Yourself: Engage with our cooking classes, explore our recipes, and use our premium curry sauces, spice mixes, marinades, and ingredients.

Join us for a genuine taste of India at Chilli Farms Curry Shop!

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